The ultimate tool for adventure

With my passion for adventure travel, I am always looking for fun innovative ways to get around and explore remote and beautiful parts of the world. So far these have included flying, driving, boating, motorcycling.

  Now I have designed and built a craft that can fly effortlessly across the ocean's surface or wind its way up the Amazon river, using ground effect just like a seabird gliding close to the water's surface to save energy.  

Kester Haynes 



To create a craft that can travel across the surface of the water at speeds comparable to a fast speed boat but using a fraction of the power with a glassy smooth ride. Giving the pilot a real sensation of speed and the ultimate unobstructed view, with controls that would be familiar to any fixed-wing pilot.

All this without the need for a pilots license. 


I am utilizing a single-cylinder liquid cooled 2 stroke engine for its great simplicity and huge power to weight ratio


I work in the paramotor industry as a test pilot, design, and development engineer.

  I started work on the Aquaplane project back in 2015 purely as a personal project working on prototypes and testing whenever possible. It was relatively quick to prove its concept with prototype number 1 largely based on "If it looks right it usually is right!" 

 Now in 2020 and on prototype number 3, this is where the hard work starts making this concept into a really, safe, and user-friendly piece of kit! 


When traveling in remote parts of the world it's essential to be able to make repairs and take care of maintenance with limited resources. This is why I have focused on utilizing common technologies and materials, brought together to create a really awesome flying experience.

Aquaplane with air boat at crow July 2020_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Test flying the Aquaplane has been some of the best and most exciting flying I have ever done. Now with over 500 miles logged I am feeling very comfortable at the controls and starting to think about a redesign, while continuing to clock up more miles…



Aquaplane K42

Crew 1 Pilot 

Max speed 65mph 

Cruise speed 40-50mph 

Range Tank size not yet finalized 

Fuel consumption  7L/h approx

Power plant Single cylinder water cooled 2 stroke, dual ignition

BHP 54

Propeller 4 blade fixed pitch carbon fiber 1..6m 

Dry weight 165kg

Payload ---

Length 6m

Wingspan 5.9m


Trailer dimensions 

Specifications are subject to change, testing, and development, ongoing..



Watch this space


Having reached a stage in the development process where I am really enjoying the experience of piloting this craft and dreaming of my first expedition, its now made me realize that a 2 seater in the model range will be essential so this experience and adventure can be shared..



As I develop the Aquaplane for greater efficiency it will make perfect sense to design an all-electric model with zero-emissions and reduced noise levels. Making this craft extremely low impact on the environment.


Making the transition from the garage to the water as quick and easy as possible will be a high priority with my design. You can see here the Aqauaplne being packed on to a custom-built trailer.